Glass doors: Letting the sunshine in

April 07, 2011

Replacing your home's exterior doors can be done along with replacing windows; replacing windows and doors together can save on installation costs and household disruption during installation of your new windows. Exterior doors play an important role in the decor and convenience of your home's layout. Glass doors add light and can compliment interior and exterior design and decor. Ideas for glass doors include:

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  • French doors: Named after floor to ceiling windows popular in French architecture, double doors that open from the center inward are popular alternatives to patio door sliders and are also popular for entry doors.
  • Patio door options: Whether choosing a traditional patio slider, french doors, or bi-fold glass doors, your patio door choice needs to stand up to traffic and wear and tear. Patio door styles can accent your decor or provide that much needed portal to your backyard, deck, and grill.
  • Kitchen door: Installing a glass door in your kitchen is useful for admitting light and for parents to keep an eye on what the kids are doing outside. Depending on how often they're used, your glass doors may need frequent cleaning.

When shopping for glass doors, keep the following in mind:

  • Function: How often will your doors be used? Will pets be scratching to come in and out?
  • Location and environment: Will your glass doors be exposed to direct sun? Excess moisture?
  • Your home's style: Whether you install minimalist contemporary glass doors or go for ornate antique reproduction French doors, you can find glass doors fitting your home decor inside and out.

Shop for glass doors online and showrooms for windows and doors. Door and window dealers can assist with finding glass windows matching your needs and budget.

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