Vinyl French Doors - Swinging French Doors for Your Home

July 22, 2010

If you are looking for a simple home improvement project with a dramatic impact, you may want to consider installing vinyl french doors in your house as a way to integrate the beauty of the outside world with the comfort of your home's interior. Of course there are lots of new door options, but vinyl french doors can really enhance the look and feel of your home by creating a large opening through which you can enjoy a poolside patio or a sun-drenched deck. French doors have adjacent door panels which both swing open, resulting in a door opening twice as big as the opening that a similarly-sized sliding glass door would offer.

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Installing vinyl french doors in these locations can produce big results:

  • If you have a flower garden or landscaped beds outside your home, then consider installing French doors in a dining room or living room. On sunny summer days you can leave the new doors wide open and enjoy the smells and sounds of the natural world.
  • Sectioning off a small home office or a study with french doors is a great way to create privacy while maintaining the visual continuity of an open floor plan. Simply shut the new doors when you are working, but leave them open during the rest of the day.
  • Walking into an attached sunroom through a set of french doors is a pleasurable experience and the larger door opening can help make the sunroom feel like a year-round part of your home. Closing the doors during bad weather will keep the chill out, but still allow the needed sunlight to enter into the rest of your house.

When considering your new door options, make sure to investigate the benefits of vinyl french doors. Remember, anywhere that you might ordinarily place a sliding glass door, you can probably install a set of french doors instead, which will give your home's interior a larger opening to the beauty of the outside world.

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