French Sliding Glass Doors

August 13, 2010

For elegance, charm, additional light, and ease of use, you should consider French sliding glass doors among your many new door options. Often overlooked, French sliding doors, unlike double-hung doors, offer the benefits of opening up your room to outdoor views with a space-saving solution. New sliding glass door options now allow you to enjoy the benefits of enhanced energy efficiency along with security.

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Known for extra-wide stiles and durable bottom rails, today's French sliding glass doors come equipped with multi-point locks for security and additional pane options that provide you and your family with insulating gas between glazing layers. If you're replacing a section of solid exterior wall with French sliding glass doors, you may also want to use double-paned glass to create additional soundproofing of your home.

Multiple Uses and New Door Options

Today's innovative designs for sliding doors offer a wide range of stylistic choices. You may want to compare the different new door options for your home before settling on a style or material. Interior French sliding glass doors can come with linen, frosted, or mirrored glass that separates rooms that you want to partition for privacy. Mounted on quiet rollers and outfitted with sealed edges, the latest sliding French door systems protect against dust, mildew, and warping.

Depending on your need for interior space, you might consider sliding glass pocket doors that recede seamlessly into the wall. Loft dividers are sliding doors that capitalize on available interior light while separating limited square footage into comfortable, usable rooms.

If you live in a region that experiences seasonal storms, there are even models of French sliding glass doors made of impact-resistant frames and glass engineered specifically to hold up in America's toughest coastal regions.

For centuries French doors have been considered the height of elegance and style. But today's new doors capture all the enduring aesthetic properties with contemporary window technology in locks and hardware. French doors are not just for replicating the Victorian look; they're made to complement even the most modern or contemporary homes. They're worth a look!

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