French Exterior Doors - They've Come a Long Way, Baby

December 27, 2009

French exterior doors in the past were considered to be a pair of operating door panels hinged on the side and swinging open from the center, one door panel would typically be stationary. But French exterior doors have come a long way over the years, and they're now available in any number of combinations to customize them to suit each and every need. In fact, French doors in today's construction and architecture terminology now refer to doors that have multiple windows running nearly the full length of the door. These individual windows are referred to as lites, and the dividing pieces are termed mullions.

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French exterior doors can be found in the typical swing in or out fashion as well as a newer sliding mechanism that could overtake the sliding glass door in popularity. French doors also come in a range of materials for any design need - including wood, steel, aluminum and fiberglass.

The latest and greatest design trend has been a row or series of French doors to allow maximum natural light into a room. The look is especially popular for waterfront homes or homes with a spectacular view to make the most of luxury landscapes.

French exterior doors offer a solution for those tricky passageways that call for something a little more luxurious than a typical single or sliding glass door. They're particularly popular for:

  • Balconies;
  • Decks;
  • Porches; and
  • Patios.

If you're looking for a door to add a touch of luxury living and timeless style, consider a French exterior door to add another design dimension to your home.

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