French Doors - Bringing History Home

December 28, 2009

French exterior doors have a rich history, dating back well over one hundred years to their origin in Europe. French exterior doors were first used as large windowed doors that opened onto small balconies, and were used more to allow natural lighting in the home than for looks. As homes evolved with larger balconies and electricity was introduced, French doors became as decorative as they were functional.

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This enduring style of door has remained popular, and French exterior doors are highly regarded in today's residences. In fact, the value they can add to a home makes them a worthwhile investment for today's homeowners. (Tip: To determine the most worthwhile home improvements and investments you can make, read real estate ads to see what's mentioned as selling points for homes - you'll see French doors mentioned often, along with curb appeal!)

With today's technology making French exterior doors a more affordable option for homeowners, manufacturers have risen to the challenge to offer doors in more energy efficient materials as well. Not only have wood French doors remained popular, but fiberglass, steel and aluminum French doors offer alternatives to those seeking less upkeep and more energy savings than wood has traditionally offered.

In the past, the wealth of windows within the French exterior door has been an issue for energy efficiency that made homeowners wary of this upgraded doorway, but with the new technology in glass, glazing, double and triple panes, that drawback has been taken care of as well.

With the improvements and enhancements made in French exterior doors, consider adding them to your home. Not only will you have an architectural feature that's steeped in history, but one that adds value as well.

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