Fiberglass French Doors are a Great Door Option

July 29, 2010

Exploring new door options that improve the look and value of your home? Don't forget to look at fiberglass French doors. The value and beautiful appearance of fiberglass French doors is legendary. But many people falsely assume that French doors are only suitable to period or historical era home styles. In fact, the durability and energy efficient qualities of fiberglass French doors make them solid candidates for door installation in contemporary homes, too.

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Good quality fiberglass French doors can mirror the styles, colors, and patterns of traditional wood without busting your bankbook. Today's fiberglass French doors make shopping for new doors a pleasure, rather than the feeling you're settling for less. For one thing, you'll discover that fiberglass French doors can beat traditional wooden ones when it comes to:

  • Insulating Properties
  • Door Prices
  • Maintenance Requirements
  • Structural Stability
  • Custom Stains

Are Fiberglass French Doors Right for You?

Hip Home can help you understand the form and functions of door installation materials and styles for your home. Generally speaking, you'll find manufacturers, styles, and door prices that suit your décor as well as your home improvement budget. Fiberglass French doors make for solid new door options for interior doorways separating rooms, for replacing slider patio doors that don't provide the same high energy efficiency performance, or even replace side-entry double-hung doors to your home.

French door manufacturers also offer an exacting selection of hardware and molding options that convert a standard replacement door into a period door that complements the style of your home. To wit: you'll see handsome fiberglass French doors in a Craftsman home, a Queen Anne Victorian, a Neo-colonial, or Southwest adobe house.

When it comes to ease of maintenance, you'll appreciate that your French doors resist warping, splitting, rusting, or insect damage like their wood counterparts. They clean simply with mild soap and water, and they won't require costly routine prepping and painting.

Depending on your door manufacturer, you'll also find warrantees on materials that run from 25 years to the lifetime of your home.

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