Bonjour to the French Exterior Door

December 26, 2009

Say hello to the problem solver - the French exterior door. Quickly becoming the choice for a higher end look instead of plain-Jane sliding glass doors, the French exterior door brings a luxury look to patios, decks and porches. Named after a French design of a European casement door, the French door had been synonymous with a double door with one functional side.

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Cut to the 21st Century in which the French door now offers an incredible range of versatility to suit any purpose and configuration. Options for French exterior doors include inswing, for doors that open to the interior of the home and outswing doors that open to the exterior. And that's the easy part of choosing a French door - as there are literally hundreds of choices in options, including:

  • If both doors or just one door will be functional;
  • If there will be a brick mold stop in the center of the doorway which is the exterior trim piece;
  • If there is going to be an opening mechanism for the second door if only one is functional.

What makes the French door seem so much grander than the typical exterior door? It's the illusion of a larger doorway that the double doors offer - which leads to the illusion of a larger home as well. French exterior doors also offer more in the way of upgrades and decorative elements than a sliding glass door could ever hope to bring to the home.

If you're looking for an upgrade to any entryway or any passageway, a French exterior door will bring an element of grandeur and traditional elegance to the home.

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