Un-Folding Expectations with Folding Doors

January 05, 2010

What's the biggest trend in interior design and architecture? Bringing the outside in and the inside out - and folding exterior doors have been leading the way in this trend. Homeowners looking to connect their living spaces with the great outdoors are turning to these accordion style doors to offer the perfect opening to outdoor living.

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Folding exterior doors slide on an overhead track to discreetly fold away to offer the most natural lighting and indoor/outdoor living opportunities available on today's market. Particularly popular in warm weather locations such as California and Florida, folding exterior doors are also coming to the forefront of homeowners looking for function and drama in an exterior door.

The folding door not only opens up a wealth of decorating and living opportunities, but for those looking for doors to handle entertaining and high traffic flow locations, they are becoming the exterior door of choice. For those homeowners blessed with excellent views - the folding exterior door is the perfect solution to maximize their lovely landscapes.

Folding exterior doors can be customized to nearly any configuration, from the standard double door to several doors to open nearly entire wall. Talk about indoor/outdoor living at its best!

While these doors had been used in mild climates in the past, new technology and materials have made folding exterior doors more energy efficient to keep extreme temperatures and moisture out, while keeping heat and air/conditioning in.

With folding exterior door systems available in a wide range of styles, various materials and numerous configurations, this door system is quickly gaining popularity to make the most of indoor/outdoor living and picturesque views.

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