Facts on Fiberglass Exterior Doors

January 04, 2010

What makes a fiberglass exterior door superior to its wood and steel counterparts? Not to get too technical regarding fiberglass doors, but fiberglass is made of glass fibers and resin. This combination keeps the frames from expanding and contracting, which keeps less stress on the seals of the door and increases the energy efficiency.

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In fact, fiberglass expands and contracts at about the same rate as glass, which makes glass inserts perfect for pairing with fiberglass exterior doors. The fiberglass also makes fiberglass doors resistant to damage from moisture, bugs, warping and extreme temperatures.

Another issue that's often overlooked with fiberglass exterior doors is safety and security. In a recent test, Consumer Reports tested doors of differing materials with blows from a battering ram. A fiberglass door with an upgraded lock and strike system was the only door that withstood the damage. So it's important to go with upgrades in locks when it comes to choosing an exterior door.

Because of their reputation for durability and energy efficiency, fiberglass doors tend to hold their value longer than their wood and steel counterparts. Fiberglass exterior doors, coupled with fiberglass window frames, were shown to have the best added value to the home than other materials because they last longer.

While no door is completely maintenance free, fiberglass exterior doors offer the lowest maintenance compared to wood and steel exterior doors. They hold paint and stain better and withstand the elements for longer periods of time.

Because of the nature of fiberglass itself, fiberglass exterior doors are highly recommended for both commercial and residential use. With their advantages, homeowners are finding them to be the door of choice not only for their added value, but their curb appeal as well.

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