Exterior doors: Choosing your New Front Door

April 11, 2011

When arriving at some one's home, where do you go? Chances are, the home's front door is your primary focus. When replacing exterior doors, choose your new front door with care, as it provides a transition from outdoors into your home. Here are a few considerations when shopping front doors:

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  • Climate and exposure to the elements: If your front door will be battered by wind and rain, selecting a high grade weather resistant door can help preserve your home's appearance and the door's functionality. Consider the cost of weather stripping and storm doors along with the price for your new front door.
  • Your home's age and architecture: Homes of historical and/or architectural significance may require installing an authentic or high quality replica of front doors made during a specific period or style. You can research old front doors online or check with restoration supply shops and antiques dealers. Modern exterior doors are available in styles and configurations appropriate to most architecture; Comparing old doors to new styles may surprise you in terms of gaining modern convenience and durability while maintaining authentic features and appearance.
  • Energy efficiency: Conserving energy is important, particularly if you live in an area with extremely hot or cold weather. Installing energy efficient exterior doors may qualify you for rebates from your local energy company.

Once you've chosen your new front door, installing and finishing it according to your personal style can make a welcoming "statement" for visitors. Complimenting exterior doors with potted plants, or novelty porch furniture, adds to your home's appearance and welcoming ambiance.



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