Custom Sliding Glass Door - Design Ideas

August 14, 2010

Few things can make a guest stop and gasp like walking into a room with a dramatic use of glass windows and doors showcasing a great view. The perfect centerpiece for a room like this is a custom sliding glass door. Many homes have sliding glass doors with standard widths and heights, but when was the last time you were in a home with a sliding glass door that was eight feet tall or eight feet wide? It's the sort of thing you notice as soon as you enter a room. Here are a few ways you might make a statement in your home with a custom sliding glass door.

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Install New Doors with Custom Heights

High end homes often have ceiling heights of ten feet and interior doors with a height of eight feet on the main floor. You notice the difference immediately if you are used to the standard eight-foot tall ceilings in most homes: it almost seems like giants must live in the house. Imagine the effect on a room if your custom sliding glass doors were eight feet tall and the space was flooded with all that extra sunshine.

Install New Doors with Custom Widths

If you have a great view, don't block it off with solid wall space. Open up your room with custom sliding glass doors that are seven or eight feet wide. You don't want to get much wider than that or they might become too heavy to open. Line several doors up across the room and enjoy the evening breeze through the screened openings. You have just created your own panoramic view of the great outdoors.

Create a Window Wall

Combine your custom sliding glass door with new windows to create a window wall overlooking your deck. Many manufacturers have new windows and glass doors with Energy Star ratings that work to let light into your home and reflect the summer sun's heat away. The process works in reverse during the winter, and your heat stays inside your home where it's needed.

Remodeling Magazine's annual survey projects that you might be able to recoup up to 77 percent of the costs associated with installing new windows when you sell your home. Make people gasp when they enter that special room in your home by installing a custom sliding glass door.

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