Creating Custom Exterior Doors

January 01, 2010

While you may be familiar with custom exterior doors, you may not be familiar with the process involved in the creation of a custom door.

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Creating custom exterior doors is an interesting marriage of creativity, imagination, function and style that can be the perfect piece is the puzzle of creating the perfect curb appeal.

So, how do you begin to create a custom exterior door? It helps to jot down some preliminary information before you start the process, such as:

  • Location - Is the door for the interior or exterior of the home?
  • Style of the home's architecture (i.e. Colonial, Modern, Victorian, Cottage, etc.)
  • Size needed - including height, width and depth.
  • Desired door material - normally wood doors offer the greatest versatility for creating a custom door, although other materials offer customization as well. For custom wood doors, consider what species of wood you'd like - Oak, Alder, Cherry, Mahogany, etc.
  • Glass - do you want a solid door or glass inserts or panels?
  • Glass - if you do want glass, how much and what type -stained, leaded, glazed?

Beginning with just these basic requirements, many door manufacturers offer design specialists to work with you to create a custom exterior door that will not only fit your needs, but your home's style as well.

If you're considering a custom exterior door to update your curb appeal, make sure you find a company experienced in working with customers to provide custom door solutions. With their knowledge and experience, and your requirements and imagination, you can work together to find the perfect custom solution for your home.

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