Avoiding the Big Box Syndrome with Custom Exterior Doors

December 31, 2009

Have you ever driven by a home and noticed something in the entryway from one of the big box stores such as Home Depot or Lowes? You know exactly how much it costs and even what aisle it's located in - we call it the big box syndrome - and the cure is a custom exterior door.

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There's nothing wrong with shopping the big box stores - they offer convenience and many products - but what they don't offer is custom exterior doors. You need to think outside the box, the big box that is, to find custom doors.

You should consider a custom exterior door when:

  • You have an odd-sized doorway and need a particular size;
  • You have a home that may have more than one element of a style, sometimes called transitional style in the home business;
  • You have specific needs based on climate, lighting and location;
  • You have a door in mind but haven't seen it anywhere except in your imagination.

There are different levels of customization that are available in custom exterior doors. You can choose a standard door style with custom sizing, custom material or custom options. For a more involved custom doorway, you base your own design on a standard door style with a few changes to make it more suitable for your needs. Then you have the true custom exterior door, in which its design is customized from start to finish. So if you're concerned with the big box syndrome, your best bet for a cure, not to mention a great look, is a custom exterior door.

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