Style Statements with Contemporary Exterior Doors

December 27, 2009

All bets are off when it comes to choosing a contemporary exterior door, as colors, materials and options are combined to present customized contemporary style. Contemporary doors are particularly popular in urban lofts and multi-unit dwellings where you're given one chance to make a statement - and the contemporary exterior door certainly does make a statement, a bold one at that!

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Contemporary doors complement the popular modern and contemporary styles - those that offer clean lines, bold geometrics, sleek finishes and abundant light. The contemporary exterior door takes those traits and combines them into the perfect marriage of form and function, where the handle doesn't just open the door, it becomes part of the design itself.

The excitement of contemporary exterior doors is in the uniqueness of each door. Manufacturers offer the ability to mix and match options such as colors, metallic panels, glass types and materials to create a unique work of art with each and every door. It's rare to see any two contemporary exterior doors that are alike, which makes each piece a personal expression to the homeowner and the style within.

But don't think for a moment that contemporary exterior doors are cold and lack the warmth of more traditional doorways. The warmth in these doors is in the personal expression of each and every contemporary door. Those looking for more personal warmth can add different touches such as mixing wood species to incorporate those found within the home, or a bold color that's working as an accent color within the entryway.

Typically contemporary exterior doors have been used in Soho lofts and urban locations, but with the personal touch upgrades that are being offered, more suburban locations are finding that contemporary doors offer them a chance to make a bold statement right along with those city slickers!

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