Can Your Home Handle a Contemporary Exterior Door?

December 28, 2009

Are contemporary exterior doors reserved for city dwellers and modern urban lofts? Maybe in years past, but contemporary exterior doors are popping up in more suburban locations as homeowners strive to make style statements that reflect their true personality. These homeowners are finding particular appeal in contemporary doors that offer:

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  • Glass panels in a multitude of styles to emphasize natural lighting;
  • Mixed wood species to incorporate different elements within the home;
  • Bold colors to allow homes to stand out in the crowd; and
  • Intriguing design features.

With the building boom of the past decade, many homeowners were buying into what were later termed "McMansions" - these were large homes that offered none of the elegant, customized features of their more luxurious counterparts. In fact, there seemed to be entire neighborhoods of these oversized abodes springing up in all areas of the United States.

Unfortunately, many of the builders of these homes didn't exactly indulge in higher end, customized building materials, but used what were called builder's grade materials unless specific upgrades were requested. Now these homeowners are looking to express themselves and find more unique and customized looks to turn their McMansion into luxury living. They are finding contemporary exterior doors are the perfect expression for their home. It's giving the home the originality and style statement that homes their size deserve to have.

It's no wonder the popularity of contemporary exterior doors continues to grow - as people will always want to have the opportunity to express themselves and let their home be an extension of their personality.

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