Simple and Subtle: Contemporary Exterior Doors Provide Curb Appeal

December 29, 2009

What is it about a contemporary exterior door that is so appealing? It's the subtle, simple touches that make the contemporary exterior door so inviting and it's the perfect finishing touch to today's contemporary interior décor. But what is it about contemporary style that makes it so enduring and popular?

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With the complications of today's lives - always connected, always on call, hectic schedules - people are turning to simplicity. They want the clutter out of the lives and to have a safe haven in the home for a peaceful retreat. In fact, the design world is buzzing with the trend towards what they've termed 'nesting' in the home. The contemporary style is just perfect to fill that need and the contemporary exterior door has become the finishing touch to the look.

The whole thought process to contemporary style is that 'less is more'. In fact, empty space is actually part of the décor. Therefore, simple and subtle touches take the stage to make the contemporary exterior door make a statement. You're not going to have elaborate carvings or trim, but what you will have are:

  • Clean lines;
  • A neutral color or a single bold color;
  • Subtle textures; and
  • Geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles and triangles.

In contemporary design, and particularly with a contemporary exterior door, remember that less is more. It's not always about what's there, but sometimes it's about what is not there. This is the key to contemporary design that makes it individual and unique.

So what's the 411 on style for the upcoming year? Simplicity and subtlety - and contemporary design is right there to take on the challenge!

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