Commercial Exterior Doors - The Ultimate Green Material

December 26, 2009

Why is it so important for commercial exterior doors to be built to last? Because the ultimate green product, one that is the most environmentally friendly, is a commercial exterior door that will not require replacement in the near future. Think about it, the ultimate goal of the 'green' movement is to promote materials that have the lowest impact on the environment, including building materials that are:

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  • Processed locally so the long haul transportation does not come into play;
  • Sustainable products that use renewable resources; and
  • Energy efficient.

Well, what can have the least amount of impact over not having to replace the commercial exterior door? So, isn't the commercial exterior door that's best for the environment one that will not need replacement in the foreseeable future?

The LEED system, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, takes into account the immediate environmental impact of commercial exterior doors in the form of guidelines for building materials. But what is does not do is specify the durability component, in other words, it does not specifically say that the commercial exterior door should be built to last.

So, while LEED credits, which are used for LEED certification that can raise the value of the building itself, are an important aspect of choosing building materials and commercial doors, choosing a door for durability seems to be first and foremost on the requirement list.

Commercial exterior doors are a unique product - safety, design considerations and aesthetics are important aspects in this choice, but durability in a commercial door will be your ultimate environmentally friendly choice.

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