Choosing an Exterior Door: Five Tips to Remember

December 16, 2009

Are you trying to determining what the best exterior door is for your budget? Here are five tips that will help you to find the right fit.

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1. Wood is a lot of work.

You have every reason to love wood. Just remember that it is the most expensive option and will require the most maintenance, as wood is very susceptible to corrosion and fire.

2. Steel is strong but not invulnerable.

Steel is one of the strongest materials in construction, and naturally resistant to corrosion and deterioration, unlike wood. It is practically maintenance free, although it remains susceptible to rust.

3. Fiberglass is a serious option.

Despite what you might feel in your gut, fiberglass is not delicate like glass. It is actually made from very tiny glass fibers and can be made as strong as steel or wood. Fiberglass is the best protection against weather threats and corrosion. Fiberglass must be treated for UV sunlight rays, as repeated exposure can make the material brittle.

4. Not every exterior door is made of the same material.

Though we usually analyze the properties of doors based on their surface material, it’s important to know that many doors have layers of material inside and this will affect the weight, quality and durability of your entire door system. Some doors are hollow inside, others have insulation foam. Cheap interior doors are often made from composite material.

5. Consider the size and scope of your home.

Some interior doors are more appropriate than others, depending on your living quarters. Bi-fold doors are ideal for closets where you need more internal closet space available. Sliding doors are best for easy performance (making them ideal for the disabled). Pocket doors can add significantly to your square footage.

Remember that when considering door repairs you have to take into account all of the technicalities including size, material (as well as composites), finish, style of architecture, jamb size and brick mold.

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