Exterior Doors

Exterior doors are the welcoming commitee for your home. They're also a critical component of your home's security. Exterior doors can be as simple as a single wood door leading from the utility room to the back porch and as elaborate as multiple-panel French doors leading onto an outdoor entertaining area. Ideally, both would be strong and look great.

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Styles for Exterior Doors

Exterior doors come in several styles. The front door of your home can be more formal, either single or double. Also, storm doors can be fitted to protect your front door and add insulation in winter. Sliding glass doors are the most common exterior doors leading to backyard entertainment areas, decks, and balconies. They let in lots of light and provide decent insulation if they are double or triple-paned. but French doors let in light much as sliding glass doors do and have a much more solid and classy feel to them. They are available in single, double, triple, or multiple panels. Folding doors give maximum access to outdoor areas, literally opening the wall of a home to decks and patios. They're most desirable in warm, subtropical climates.

Materials for Exterior Doors

Because exterior doors must provide security as well as access, they are constructed with wood, aluminum, fiberglass, or vinyl frames. Security means not only the prevention of intruders, but also protection from wind, rain, snow, and other elements. Hence exterior doors must be well constructed, sturdy, and provide an excellent seal.

Costs of Exterior Doors

Sliding doors with vinyl frames start at about $500 for a six-foot door. Wood-clad frames will run $800-1400. Add an additional 20% for an eight-foot door. French doors are considerably more expensive and the price will vary depending on size, but a double-wide French exterior door should run between $1500 and $2500.

Manufacturers of Exterior Doors

Loewen is perhaps the most popular manufacturer of storm and folding doors. Loewen and Marvin make quality sliding doors, while Marvin, Eagle, and Jeld Wen are good choices for French doors.

Exterior Door Styles
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