Wood Front Doors Myths

January 05, 2010

It's always a bit surprising to read the so-called disadvantages of wood front entry doors. Detractors always seem to discuss upkeep and durability. Why this is surprising is that any feature of a home requires some type of upkeep! You will always need to take care of the outdoor features of the home, whether it be wood front entry doors, fiberglass, steel or composition.

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In fact, it seems that maintaining a wood front entry door tends to be more along the lines of a quick coat of paint or stain, which is not much more than is required of doors of manmade materials!

Other myths that tend to make the rounds regarding wood front entry doors:

Wood doors expand and contract, so they may warp.

Not so, most wood doors are wood veneers over an engineered wood core that minimizes any expansion and contraction that could eventually lead to warping. Look for veneers with a thickness of 1/16 of an inch or more to indicate that quality of the veneer that will withstand damage.

Wood doors are not as energy efficient as other options.

Split construction wood front entry doors offer an insulating structure within paneled doors that doubles the insulating factor of older wood doors. Quality solid wood doors are inherently energy-efficient.

Wood doors are more expensive.

Not so, wood front entry doors tend to offer more in the range of styles and upgrades, thus the price range tends to be larger.

If you're in the process of choosing a front entry door, or just window shopping - no pun intended - take a good, long look at an old favorite, the wood front entry door.

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