Wood Entry Doors - The Real Deal

January 04, 2010

What do steel, fiberglass and composition front doors have in common? They are all trying to mimic the look and feel of wood front entry doors. So if you're trying to decide on a material for a front door, why not just choose the real deal in a wood front entry door? There's an old saying that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - and if that's the case - wood front doors should feel oh-so flattered!

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While new man-made materials all claim to take care of the disadvantages of wood entry doors - these so-called disadvantages are typically characteristic of cheap wood doors, not the quality wood entry doors that have taken front and center stage in today's competitive market. Warping has typically been called one of the biggest disadvantages to a wood front entry door. But what they fail to tell you - this problem was solved long ago and far away. You see, warping was a problem with wood front entry doors that were simply a low-grade slab of cheap wood. Today's wooden entry doors typically feature several pieces of wood that form panels and stiles, or they use a veneer type process to ensure that warping will not be an issue.

Today's modern entry doors have taken quality to a new level - consumers are demanding energy-efficiency and affordability, and wood doors have responded to the challenge while continuing to offer the best look that their counterparts will continue to attempt to mimic. With new processes and features for wood front entry doors, it makes sense to overlook the imitators and invest in a real wood front entry door.

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