Wood Entry Doors

When referring to wood entry doors, door manufacturers use the term to include not only the front door, but back doors, and side doors as well. Because the front door commands the most attention from visitors and neighbors alike, it is considered the most important as it sets the stage for the style of the house. For this reason there is a large assortment of different materials offered by door manufacturers for homeowners to choose from.

Of these materials, wood is far and away the top choice for most front entry doors.

There are many beautiful wood entry doors to choose from and can be purchased at very affordable prices. A multitude of different wood species and design options allow you to find entry doors that will compliment your home. Solid wood entry doors can come in either raised panel, flat panel, or with a solid flush. This section contains several helpful ideas pertaining to these exterior doors.

Wood Door Ideas And Articles

There are many beautiful wood entry door ideas to consider for your home. There are a great many distinctive decorative touches which you can make. Sometimes just a minimal touch such as unique or exquisite glass or door hardware will make your wood entry door stand out and impress both neighbors and visitors.

Oak or mahogany doors are considered two excellent choices when it comes to wood entry door ideas. These beautiful woods should be strongly considered if you want a wood entry door.

Adding a glass window to your wood front door is also a way to add that special "curb appeal" to your house. Windows in a door can add both character and charm. They can transform any door into a showpiece. Glass added to an entry door allows natural light into the home which is also a benefit. Customizing your wood entry door can add extra appeal to your home in many spectacular ways.

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