Steel Doors: A Best Buy for Exterior Doors?

January 16, 2010

Steel door is a door made partially or entirely of steel, steel being an alloy or iron with small amounts of carbon. Steel is very often used in construction. However, using steel doors for the home is a shrewd move, considering the benefits steel can bring. Let’s review some of these…

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Resistance to Fire: Steel is resistant to fire. The best quality steel door can stop the spread of smoke and flames, unlike wood, which naturally burns intensely.

Resistance to Burglary: Considering that a steel door is superbly strong, it will stop many burglary attempts. It’s much easier to break into a wooden door than a metal one.

Resistance to Inclement Weather: Steel is so powerful that it can resist severe storms and strong winds.

Resistance to Aging: Unlike wood and other materials, steel is long-lasting. It is proven to remain durable for years on end, and will not face the threat of drying out, decomposing or splintering.

Recyclable Material: Because steel is recyclable, unlike wood which is a natural resource but a limited one, some consider it friendly to the environment. Steel is completely recyclable.

One possible disadvantage of a steel door, is that it pails in comparison to the beauty of natural wood. Nonetheless, there are steel doors that feature a variety of colors, finishes and even “skins” that can be made to look like wooden grain. Steel is fairly expensive but comparable to fine wood pricing.

Remember that iron doors are a type of steel, and are very popular for entry doors, backdoors and commercial buildings. Iron doors and other types of steel are the strongest materials you can buy for home construction.

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