Choosing the Right Discount Front Entry Door

August 02, 2010

The front doors to your home are similar to the smile on your face. It may be the first thing people notice, so you better make it work! Unfortunately, it can take a lot of money to create the perfect smile. So, consider some discount entrance doors that will still make a lasting first impression.

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What's the Deal?

It's great to get a deal, but if the door has to be replaced in a year because the material is cheap, it's no longer a deal. Look for doors that have solid wood, steel or even fiberglass cores, and can handle the weather in your area. And if doing it yourself could lead to disaster, find a contractor in your area.

Be Materialistic:


  • Solid wood doors are not your discount entrance doors, necessarily, running anywhere from about $600-$2,000 for a 3-foot wide by 6-foot 8-inch tall door.
  • If your heart is set on wood, try a stock wood option, and look for durable stains and clear finishes, such as polyurethane. This leaves less room for notable deterioration. High-gloss sheen provides the best protection for a painted door, but paint all of the edges to prevent the wood from absorbing liquid.
  • Most carpenters would agree that the more intricate the wood door, the longer it will last. Keep this in mind when determining how detailed you want it to appear.


  • If security and durability are your biggest concerns, steel may be your best option in choosing discount front entry doors. Generally, steel doors are around $150 for a 3-foot wide, 6-foot 8-inch tall paneled door.
  • These all have an inner- frame made of wood, and where there are any air pockets, foam insulation is inserted.

Fiberglass Composite:

  • If you live in the tropics, this is a great bet. Fiberglass doors are the most durable material, and are virtually maintenance-free. Beneath the surface is a complex pattern of wooden stiles and rails, wherein gaps are filled with polyurethane-foam insulation.
  • Fiberglass is also an affordable option, at around $200 for a 3-foot wide by 6-foot 8-inch tall paneled door. Adding glazing and hardware, however, can increase the cost.

There are plenty of front door options within these three material categories, so take your time and choose the right door for your home. And, before running off to the mass-market home supply store, check with your local salvage and lumbar yards. Your discount entrance doors could be waiting for a new home!

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