Aluminum Front Doors: Information and Prices

July 14, 2010

In the market for buying a new door? The array of front doors available for your home can be mind-boggling. Of course, you have many design choices, which can be tough to narrow down. Then you have to choose the colors. But before all those important decisions are made, an even more important one must be decided: What kind of door will you choose?

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Aluminum Front Door Information

There are many reasons to choose aluminum front doors, and energy-efficiency is at the top of the list. Homeowners love aluminum doors for their construction--a foam interior covered by an aluminum shell--that blocks air transfer and keeps the home warmer in the winter, yet cooler in the summer.

Need more reasons? Aluminum doors have a tough enamel finish that is baked on, so there is never any chance of the door rusting or fading, and the surface will never have to be painted. Aluminum doors can be custom-made when purchased from a dealer, thus ensuring the door is a perfect fit for your home.

You can include additional components of aluminum front doors at the same time, including storm doors that perfectly match the color and design of your front door and home facade. You can even choose grand double-doors that have sidelights and windows over the door itself. Those unique touches can be the details that vault your ordinary front door into a masterpiece that makes all the neighbors envious!

Aluminum Door Prices

Though aluminum doors offer wonderful incentives, those advantages can be a bit pricey. Aluminum front doors are one of the most expensive choices when buying a new door, second only to solid wood doors. Door prices can vary depending upon size, hardware, classic or customized colors, and the like.

In order to get the maximum energy-saving potential from your aluminum front doors, professional door installation by a reputable contractor should be considered. Asking a pro to handle door installation for you can assure that your door hangs properly, seals well into the side of your home, and meets all the requirements for the best energy-efficiency.

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