Replacing Windows & Doors Together

March 30, 2011

Selecting and installing windows and doors together can help with saving money and reducing household disruptions. Manufacturers typically offer product lines including windows, doors and related products. You can select from product ranges and options for achieving a custom but themed look for your home.

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Installing Windows and Exterior Doors Together

Benefits of replacing windows and doors at the same time include:

  • Uniform product warranty: Doors and windows purchased from the same manufacturer may share the same warranty and product performance guarantees. This can simplify selecting a factory trained windows contractor that can complete your entire project. Verify that your windows contractor is factory trained/authorized by your windows and doors manufacturer(s).
  • Package deals: When purchasing windows and doors together, you may be able to negotiate on product and installation price. It's certainly worth a try.
  • Product performance: When selecting windows, doors, or any exterior home improvement products, it's important to consider your climate and how you need your windows and doors to perform. Selecting windows and exterior doors together can help with ensuring that your windows and doors are appropriate to your climate and home location.
  • Energy efficiency: Installing energy efficient windows and doors as part of a comprehensive home energy efficiency plan may qualify you for a rebate from your energy company and/or government programs encouraging energy conservation. Contact your utility company or the EPA Energy Star program for details.

Ask windows dealers about potential price breaks when purchasing and installing windows and doors together.



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