Weather Shield: Performance Engineered

Weather Shield Doors is dedicated to supplying their customers with a quality product that is engineered for ultimate energy-efficiency. Weather Shield Doors come in three main categories, but the potential combinations of their offerings are endless. The categories are aluminum clad, vinyl clad and fiberglass clad. The doors have a wood core, and can be wood-clad or steel-clad. Weather Shield offers windows, entry way doors and patio doors.

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Weather Shield Doors: Background

Weather Shield Doors was founded by the Shield family and started manufacturing in 1955 in Medford, Wisconsin. Today the company operates manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin and Utah, employing more than 5,000 people. The list price of a basic vinyl-clad, one-lite, French door from Weather Shield Doors is around $1,300. That is a fully-integrated, fully sealed door with the gems, frame, glass, and hardware included. The company launched a storm protection product line by creating their own IG line called LifeGuard®. Windows and doors using LifeGuard® have "insulated impact-resistant glazing." Which means, they are built to withstand extreme weather conditions such as hurricane-force winds.

Weather Shield Doors are also the makers of Zo-E-Shield--the leader in energy-efficient glass. It cuts down the UV penetration of the sun into your home in a way that would usually require triple glazing. This glass can save you an estimateed 30% on your energy bill.

Custom sizing is a particular advantage of Weather Shield Doors. They are designed to fit exactly and do not shy away from creating innovative products such as a telescoping patio door that can fit six doors sliding open. Weather Shield Doors is an industry leader for breadth of products offering more styles, shapes and sizes than any other window and door company.


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