Masonite Doors: Practicality and Variety

Masonite Doors: Your Opening to Variety

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Masonite is a widely used composite building material that was developed in the 1920s by William H. Mason. Mason was an engineer and an inventor. He created a composite wood manufactured from wood chips that are formed using steam to create long fibers. The fibers are pressed together and heated to produce a very smooth, hard, totally natural surface containiing no glue or chemicals.

Masonite was originally used as a building material for siding, roofing and doors. As an exterior product, Masonite encountered moisture problems from incorrect installation or sealing. Resourceful manufacturers continued making composite wood using William Mason's method, but with major improvements that sealed the wood. Today's popular products include house siding and doors, among other things.

Masonite Doors' international headquarters are in Tampa, Florida. The company employ more than 7,000 people worldwide. Masonite Doors offers interior, exterior, and patio doors.

Choices from Masonite Doors:

  • Exterior entryway and patio doors made from steel and fiberglass
  • Interior doors made from Masonite and veneers
  • A wide selection of door styles ranging from budget-wise flush veneer doors to elegant Barrington fiberglass doors with choices of inset stained glass.
  • The most recent introduction from Masonite Doors is a line of Mondrian-inspired glass doors.
  • Masonite doors can be ordered with a paintable or stainable finishes, or factory finished.

Masonite Doors Prices

  • Interior flush wood veneer door--about $30.00
  • Fiberglass and steel doors are under $200.00 for a basic Belleville fan window door
  • Elegant fiberglass doors with glass sidelights--expect about $3,500.00

Other Masonite Products

Masonite is commonly used in skateboards, clipboards, and artwork backings. It is also used during construction to protect surfaces like hardwood floors. The product itself is very affordable for many practical uses.

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