Jeld Wen Interior and Exterior Door Options

Founded in 1960, Jeld Wen doors has more than 150 divisions and 20,000 employees around the world. After operating for only two years, its products had a wide clientele across the Northwest. Today the company is headquartered in Klamath Falls, Ore, with top locations in the Northwest and Dallas/Fort Worth area. By 2000, the company acquired door product firms in UK/Europe, Australia, Asia, Canada and Mexico. Its exterior door products are primarily sold through retailers across the county, with its line of popular interior door products sold at Home Depot and other retail stores.

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Popular Jeld Wen Interior Doors

Jeld Wen's best selling products--the interior door line--are sold at a range of prices based on the number of panels and type of materials. All panel interior doors sell at low, medium, and top-end prices that range from $35 to $150 per panel. Standard doors are at the lower end of the scale with custom doors at the high end. Glass panel and wood louver doors are also at the higher end of the scale.

Jeld Wen's door prices can vary based on whether doors are pre-made for a budget, have additional options for customizing, or top-end craftsmanship, detailing, and materials.

About Exterior Jeld Wen Doors

Consumers will need to visit retailers to find the range of exterior Jeld Wen doors on the market. Exterior doors are sold as all panel, glass panel, Dutch doors, made in custom wood, standard steel, select, and custom fiberglass.

Glass panel exterior custom-wood and glass panel Jeld Wen doors are at the top end of the scale, with standard steel and fiberglass panel at the low end. According to sales representatives at Vander Hoek Windows & Doors, Inc. near Seattle, high-quality and custom wood exterior doors retail from $3,500 to the more than $10,000, although there are plenty of doors in between.

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