Fleetwood Doors: A Leader in Glass Doors

Fleetwood Doors has created a unique niche for itself as a manufacturer of custom windows and doors for owners of luxury homes seeking a minimalist and modern look. Most of the company's windows and doors have aluminum frames, but they also have a line of luxury vinyl products. Fleetwood Doors takes great pride in its "green" manufacturing practices; they use recycled glass and aluminum to build their aluminum windows and doors and all scrap aluminum created is recycled.

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Fleetwood Windows and Doors: Custom Protection from the Elements

Fleetwood Doors is based in California, but the 50-year-old company has distributors in many states across the country and even in Hawaii. Their windows and doors are designed to withstand hurricane type conditions so they're very popular with homeowners building luxury homes on the water, whether it's an ocean beach house or a lakefront vacation home.

Windows and doors can be built with laminated safety glass to protect from wind-driven debris, and doors can be ordered with 3-inch thresholds to prevent water intrusion. Some aluminum window and door models feature thermally broken frames for additional energy-efficiency in cold climates. All of the company's products are custom built according to your specifications. Choose from the following model lines:

  • Norwood 3070 Multi-slide and Pocket Doors
  • Aspen Horizontal Slider and Single-Hung Windows
  • Vista 7000 Vinyl Doors
  • Malibu 300 Vinyl Windows
  • Pacific 3500 Doors
  • Kona 3800 Window-Wall Systems

Fleetwood Doors offers many door and window configurations including the ability to turn a room's entire exterior wall into glass and there are many hardware, glass, and finish options to choose from. The company builds custom windows and doors for luxury homes, so their products are priced at the higher end of the industry range, but if you have the means to build a home on the beach and like the modern look of glass, you may not find better window and door products.


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