Types of Doors Handles

Installing new doors improves your home's appearance and security. Choosing door handles and locks requires considering style, function, security, and cost. You'll want door handles that compliment the style of your new door, your home's architecture, and your interior decor. Door handles are typically available in finishes including brass, chrome, iron, and nickel. Popular styles of door handles include knobs, levers, and thumb-latch grips. Some door handles require locking mechanisms like deadbolts that are installed separately or you can buy door handles that include a locking mechanism within their structure.

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How your door handles will be used and who will be using them is important. A keyless lock can be installed as part of a home security system; a simple deadbolt mechanism can offer the security and simplicity appreciated by many homeowners. Door handles designed for facilitating access for the disabled are also available. Shopping a variety of brands including Baldwin Hardware, Nostalgic Warehouse, and Schlage can help with finding door handles to match your needs and preferences.

Home security technology has prompted new designs in door handles; you can find a variety of keyless entry features in door handles including fingerprint screening. A keyless entry can prevent security breaches caused by lost keys, but may be too complex for younger children to use. Discuss your needs with a home security specialist; they can recommend door handles with features appropriate for you. If you don't need the latest in science fiction-inspired door handles, traditional door handles including deadbolt locks work for many homes.

Door handles range in price from about $100 to $400, or more. When considering price, you'll want to factor in the benefits of improving your home's appearance and security. Shopping online and in stores can help with finding many options for new door handles; the wide array of door handle designs may offer new solutions for style and functionality.


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