Door Accessories

Door accessories comprise three elements: lock sets, trim and moldings, and door handles. Your selection of these elements can enhance the first impression visitors get of your home.

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Lock sets depend on the location and function of a door. For example, an interior pantry door that you are likely to open with your hands full has different requirements from an exterior door. The four main categories of residential lock sets are push button knobs, dead bolts, push button locks, and handle sets. Each option offers a different combination of security and ease of use that is appropriate for different door locations.

Your door's trim and molding eases the transition between your exterior finish and your interior decor. Trim and molding is an affordable way to influence your home's curb appeal--there is a wide variety of door moldings and trim which can complement your home's doors, hallways, closets, and windows without costing a great amount of money. In many cases, you can install trim and molding yourself.

Door handles come in hundreds of designs and finishes to complement any home, but only two main categories. The first type features matching locks in a single set. The set may include a deadbolt as well. The second type is a door lock and deadbolt not joined together; you choose elements with styles that complement each other. Achieve a harmonious look by coordinating the door handle to the design of your door, whether sleek and modern, quirky and weathered, or traditional and ornate.

Door accesories, carefully chosen, can add a lot of panache to your home at a minimal cost.

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