Euroweld Thermal Industries Slider 
by Atrium Window Companies

Euroweld Thermal Industries Slider
  • Accu-Track System with Dual Weather Loc
  • Available Colors: White, Earthtone, Oak, Pine
  • Brushed Nickel or Brass Electroplated Lock and Keeper
  • Double Wall Slide Rails
  • Dual-Glazed 13/16" Insulating Glass
  • Earthtone Color
  • ENERGY STAR qualified specified with Peak PerformanceTM glass
  • ENERGY STAR qualified specified with Super Peak PerformanceTM Glass
  • Euroline Glazing Design
  • Exclusive Circle SashTM Grid Design
  • Exclusive Removable Vinyl Track Liners
  • Exclusive Removable Vinyl Track Liners allow easy cleaning
  • External Night Latch
  • Fiberglass Half Screen
  • Foam compression gaskets in frame corners
  • Full Screen, Aluminum Screen
  • Full Vinyl Interlock
  • Fusion-Welded Frame and Sashes
  • Fusion-Welded Frame and Sashes provide maximum structural integrity and energy efficiency
  • Maintenance-Free Grids In A Variety Of Styles
  • Monorail Track System
  • Multiple Brass Roller Wheels
  • Nailing Fin For New Construction
  • Obscure And Tinted Glass
  • Round Housing Lock
  • Shaped Accent Windows
  • Solid Vinyl Construction
  • Warm-Edge Technology
  • Natural WoodGrain, a paintable/stainable
  • Self-aligning Dual Brass Roller Wheels glide across a Monorail Track System to enable easy sash operation
  • Superior insulating value
Product Options and Materials
Available Glass Types
  • Self-Cleaning Glass

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