Lifeguard Series Direct Set Windows 
by Weather Shield

Lifeguard Series Direct Set Windows
  • Available Sizes: Sizing is available in 1/16" increments with minimum and maximum sizing restrictions
  • Aluminum-Clad Exteriors
  • Available in classic, gothic arch top and an array of other shapes, these direct-set windows can create a dramatic focal point in any room without the need for costly, cumbersome shutter systems
  • Custom Sizes
  • Frame Is Milled From Kiln-Dried Wood
  • Heavy Duty Extruded Aluminum Cladding
  • Heavy Duty Impact Glass
  • Hurricane Zone Protection
  • Impact Resistant Line
  • Mitered Construction
  • Optional 2"X4 1/2" Lvl Engineered Mullion
  • Rectangle, Gothic And Other Styles
  • Six Custom Wood Interiors
  • Structural Corner Keys
  • LifeGuard Direct-Set windows offer peace-of-mind from hurricane-force winds with heavy-duty impact glass glazed directly into the window frame
Product Options and Materials
Wood Grain Types
  • American Fir
  • Cherry
  • Mahogany
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Pine
Grille Details
Grille Options, Patterns, and Sizes
  • Simulated Divided Lite
  • Wood Grille
Trim Details
Interior Window Trim
  • Trim B
  • Trim C
  • Trim D
  • Trim E
  • Trim F
  • Trim G
  • Trim H
  • Trim I
  • Trim J
  • Trim K
  • Trim L

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