Proshield Bow and A-Bay 
by Weather Shield

Proshield Bow and A-Bay
  • Available Sizes: Standard Sizes
  • Carefree Beauty
  • Fusion Welded Exterior Frame And Sash Corner
  • Multi-Chambered Vinyl Clad Frame And Sash
  • Ridgid Integral Nailing Fin
  • Standard Head And Seatboard
  • Three Vinyl-Clad Exterior Colors
  • Three Wood Interior Choices
  • Warm Edge Spacer System
  • ProShield Angle Bay and Bow windows offer the striking architectural appeal of traditional three-wide angle bay windows in 30° or 45° styles, or the curved look of bow windows in up to five-wide combinations set at 10° angles
  • Use these vinyl-clad wood windows to create the illusion of more space in smaller rooms through improved lighting and expanded views
Product Options and Materials
Wood Grain Types
  • Ash
  • Maple
  • Pine
Additional Color and Stain Options
Glass Colors
  • Bronze
  • Evergreen
  • Gray
  • Rain
  • Turtle

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