Legacy Series Awning Window 
by Weather Shield

Legacy Series Awning Window
  • Aluminum-Clad Exteriors
  • Awning windows open from the bottom to bring fresh air indoors at the crank of a smooth-operating handle
  • Concealed Metal Hinge Arm
  • Custom Sizes
  • Designed for the most discerning homeowners
  • Eight Custom Wood Interiors
  • Elite Line
  • Frame and sash milled with kiln-dried wood
  • Premium Features
  • Single-To-Quadruple Line
  • Structural Corner Keys
  • Single- to quadruple-wide window units may be mulled below casement windows to create a larger visual impact, or they may be installed alone for a streamlined appearance
Product Options and Materials
Wood Grain Types
  • Alder
  • American Fir
  • Cherry
  • Knotty Pine
  • Mahogany
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Pine
Additional Color and Stain Options
Glass Colors
  • Bronze
  • Evergreen
  • Grey
  • Obscure
  • Rain
Grille Details
Grille Options, Patterns, and Sizes
  • Grille In Airspace
  • Simulated Divided Lite
  • Wood Grille
Window Screens
Screen Options
  • Spring Loaded Full Screen Systems

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